Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ICYMI: Tyrann Mathieu vs. Allegations flying


It appears more controversy is surrounding exiled LSU football player Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu.

Sports Illustrated reporter Pete Thamel filed a report that was published on Tuesday afternoon. In that story, Thamel and reporter Thayer Evans documented what they claim is an NCAA violation that would make Mathieu ineligible.

That violation was the use of his and his former LSU teammates likenesses for promotional and payment purposes at a Baton Rouge nightclub, Club Palace.

The story did NOT include an interview with Mathieu.

You can read the story RIGHT HERE

The story goes on to talk about Mathieu's background, his family issues, his recent visit to John Lucas's rehab facility in Houston and his attempt to earn his way back on the LSU football team.

Mathieu's family and the owners of Club Palace have spoken out, accusing Thamel of harassment. They say he continually called the family from a blocked number after being told repeatedly they didn't want to talk.

According to the Blog "Saturday Down South", Mathieu's family hired a lawyer to make SI stop asking them to talk.

The club owner says no players lent themselves to promotional material and they got no special treatment at the club.

They spoke to WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge:


We don't really know a good way to analyze this. It's a mess. It appears, at least on the surface the allegations are sketchy. It's very possible it happened, but it remains a bit odd.

In the meantime, if Mathieu's family can prove the harassment claim, well, then Houston, we've got a problem.

Reporters are supposed to ask for a comment on any story they work on. You know, both sides of the story (Yes---real reporters do this, despite what politicians think). If that subject say no. Then no it is. There's not a legitimate argument for persistently asking and getting the same answer. You say "We reached out to xxxx, he declined our request for an interview". That's it. No debate. Can't justify anything more than that.

It's not the first time Mr. Thamel's co-writer, Thayer Evans has been questioned on tactics. Evans was harshly criticized by Auburn for harassing a professor there about former QB Cam Newton.

We guess, like everyone else, that we'll wait and see just how this plays out. We just hope that it isn't a case of reporters being too aggressive and jumping to conclusions. Only time will tell.

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