Thursday, October 11, 2012

Using Photo Editing Software is an NCAA Violation



Not even Instagram from an I-Phone?

Well, it's a good thing that all NCAA schools adhere to the "No Cheating" rules and don't use altered photos.

Gosh, don't you feel safer now?

The blog had a post on Wednesday that mentions the NCAA, because they don't have a lengthy enough rule book, added more.

They've posted a page full of rules about sending photos to recruits.

You can read it RIGHT HERE

Now. On the good side, this page of the rule book isn't confusing at all.

Coaches apparently can NOT send a photo via text message or in an e-mail without it being considered an attachment. But...a staff member can send photo's of team practice as an attachment to a text message as long is it wasn't altered or staged for recruiting purposes.


Oh, the can send a photo as an attachment to a Twitter message too. As long as it wasn't altered or staged.


Question: Do not rule #2 and #3 completely contradict rule #1?

If you aren't already confused, read further....

So. The NCAA has some issues with clarity. And apparently doesn't like edited photos. Hmmmm....good to know.

Somehow, we expect this page of the rules would be vigorously enforced and a violation would bring sanctions within a week. BUT. Those school who commit actual recruiting violations, still won't find out for years what kind of trouble they are in.

Just sayin'....

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