Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BREAKING: Ozzie Guillen Fired By Miami Marlins

Here’s a shocker, well not really.  The Miami Marlins fired manager Ozzie Guillen. 
In his one and only year with the Marlins Guillen did something only Ozzie could do, take a promising line-up into a new ballpark which had what little fan base the Marlins have excited and killed that enthusiasm by being an obnoxious jerk and alienating his players.
You kind of knew this marriage was on the rocks from the get go when back in April Guillen praised of all people Fidel Castro in a Cuban-American magazine, Miami’s significant Cuban population make up a large segment of the Marlins fan base. 
That lead to a suspension delivered right in front of Showtime’s cameras during their behind the scenes show last season “The Franchise, A Season With The Miami Marlins”.  (Thanks shosports)

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