Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NHL Lockout News: League hires PR Consultant and offers to settle

Gary Bettman
Hey Sports Fan...did you know the NHL was locking out their players? And the season was supposed to have already started--yet it hasn't?

Well, for those just picking their jaws up off the floor after that statement, we have news to report on the lockout front.

That news...for what it is worth, is that the league is making what is being considered by many a fair offer to the players: Split revenue 50/50.

Amazingly, this revelation apparently comes just one day after reports surfaced that Gary Bettman and the owners have been using a PR company and focus groups to shape their message that the lockout is necessary.

For those un-initiated, the league is claiming their owners are losing money hand-over-fist because of a revenue split that has been 57% for the players, 43% to the owners. And by coincidence, this year, that revenue is increasing due to a much more profitable TV deal with NBC Sports.

Thus far, the NHLPA, and it's chief, Donald Fehr (yes, the former baseball union guy) have yet to respond to the proposal.

Surprisingly...the league actually leaked the proposal after Bettman has said repeatedly, they won't negotiate in the press. Though we are pretty sure the PR company had something to do with that.

If they listen to the focus groups, we are betting the lockout will end sooner...rather than later. The part the league won't take the blame for is an ownership who despite claims of poverty, keeps foisting larger and larger contracts on its players. And for their part, the players haven't refused them.

The league still says they hope to resolve things and start playing November 2nd. Somehow, with that deadline only just over two weeks away, we don't believe that will happen. We do believe that contrary to reports the league is looking to force the players to cave in (they won't) by making a dramatic move to cancel games....that won't happen either.

So Mr. Hockey fan...stay tuned.

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