Friday, October 26, 2012

Florida Fans Hijack page in UGA Student Paper


This is incredibly funny and raises more than a couple interesting questions.

Such as: How does a University of Florida ad make it into the University of Georgia's student newspaper?

But we have to say...if we are scoring the Florida/Georgia game on creativity. Florida now wins.

It appears someone got a full page ad placed in UGA's Red and Black Newspaper. And take a look at the ad. It talks about how Florida will bury Georgia, predicts the game and hypotheticalizes post game comments.

It's truly INSIPIRED!

And begs the obvious question: Did anyone at the Red and Black actually screen this before they printed it?

**Note**--We predicted the outcome of this game Thursday in our Dirty Dozen column. You can read it HERE

We stand by the pick even if we aren't totally confident in it. And add in Hurricane Sandy to the mix, and we believe Saturday's game is going to be pure craziness.

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