Monday, October 15, 2012

Saban makes his player apologize to Missouri for Suplex move

((ht: columbiatribune/matter))


Apparently Alabama head coach Nick Saban felt worse than anybody on the field Saturday when his Crimson Tide easily took care of the University of Missouri.

The reason he felt bad was in case you didn't see it--this:

For those who've never watched professional wrestling, that is a suplex--or at least the announcers call it that.

And in that play, 'Bama tackle LaMichael Fanning drops tailback Russell Hansbrough basically on his head.

The Great Saban was apparently quite upset with Fanning, who also drew a penalty and is probably going to get punished by the SEC, so much so, that both he (Saban) and Fanning sent an e-mail to Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel, apologizing.

Pinkel told the Missouri Quarterback club on Monday it wasn't necessary, but was appreciative.

Oh...and for what it's worth, according to The Columbia Daily Tribune's Dave Matter, Fanning was using the play as his Twitter background image. However, as of 5pm on Monday, we can verify ourselves that he's since changed it.

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