Friday, October 19, 2012

Pro Wrestling legend Mike Graham passes away


A truly "Old School" professional wrestling legend was found dead today in Daytona, Florida.

Mike Graham was a well known wrestler who competed and help run his father Eddie's business Championship Wrestling from Florida was 61-years old. There are several reports saying he took his own life, those have yet (as of 1:50pm Friday) to be confirmed.

For me, I can remember as a kid seeing Graham, a popular face on the Championship Wrestling TV show for many, many years. He was never the biggest guy, but as announcer Gordon Solie said, he was a great "Scientific Wrestler".

His path eventually took him to World Championship Wrestling in the early 90's where he briefly wrestled before moving to a behind the scenes role.

Many of the older wrestlers, or at least those with some experience behind them have already expressed their sadness. As for those of us old enough to remember him as a wrestler in Florida, where we grew up, it makes you feel a little bit older.

Condolences to the family and the pro wrestling community.

Check out this old, old school match featuring Graham and Brian Blair vs. Hiro Matsuda and The Super Destroyer:

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