Friday, October 19, 2012

NY Media proclaims end of world after Yankees lose

And we are pretty sure that this will all be blamed on Alex Rodriguez.

The New York tabloid media continues having a field day with the New York Yankees after they were swept by the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship series. Of course, one must remember that in New York World, they are supposed to be in and win the World Series every year.

Now back to the rest of the known universe.

The Yankees went into a huge batting tailspin during the series, but you can attribute some of that to some very good pitching by Detroit.

Of course the man most New York media folks blame for all of this is the beleaguered A-Rod. Rodriguez, who gets paid $25 gazillion dollars a year, basically no-showed in the series and was ridiculed for allegedly hitting on a fan in the stands while on the bench.

And he wasn't the worst performer on the team. Not even close. But he's being blamed.

Never does anyone in the "Big Apple" acknowledge that they may have been beaten by a better team. Never do they recognize that Detroit played pretty good baseball.

But the other team never wins...the Yankees just lose.

Any way you slice this, we find humorous. We have many friends who "Swear" by the Yankees. And while they are usually a pretty good team, they are rarely a "Great" team. And that alone makes us willing to post such funny stuff.

Check out the New York Post from today--hilarity! And the main reason for this post.

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