Wednesday, October 24, 2012

UT student goes Taylor Swift on Texas A&M's on now.

Nothing says insult like singing a Taylor Swift breakup song to a former rival to say you are done.

That is apparently what appears to be a Texas fan does to someone dressed in a Texas A&M jersey. The girl, who actually doesn't have a bad voice, tells Mr. A&M they are "Never Getting Back Together". Of course it all has to do with A&M now being in the SEC while Texas flounders in the middle of the Big 12 pack.

Best we can tell (forgive our un-hipness) this is a twist on a popular song by the aforementioned Ms. Swift. We're guessing her record company may not be so thrilled about it.

Maybe this made her feel better or it was a chance to go viral and get some attention for her semi-decent singing voice, but this is really kind of lame. Maybe Texas feels spurned out of this "Breakup", we don't know since we don't live there.

But...we are reasonably certain that A&M has no regrets about the break-up...what so ever.

Here's the video:

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