Thursday, October 11, 2012

Columbus Pizza guy fired over alleged comment about Ohio State



It appears a Columbus, Ohio pizza delivery guy is unemployed after he made a somewhat ill-timed, poorly thought joke about Ohio State's defense to a customer.

That customer: The wife of Ohio State defensive coordinator Luke Fickell.

And apparently....according to the genius delivery guy, Ms. Fickell called and complained about the comments. She apparently didn't.

According to Ohio State, he made some sort of comment to her that was overheard by someone who said something to the manager. (It wasn't Ms. Fickell). The manager followed up with her and she gave an honest answer. The manager summarily fired the guy.

According to tOSU, the Fickell's feel badly about the guy getting fired.

They shouldn't.

They SHOULD be upset that WSYX reported this story without knowing everything that happened. And portraying the delivery guy as a victim. He's not.

WSYX-TV doesn't have an embeddable video player, so to watch the story, you'll have to click on a link to it RIGHT HERE

Several parts of this story are...well...a bit odd. First off. Is the doofus delivery dork really that stupid that he'd make a random comment like that to a customer? And apparently, he knew who it was.

Wait a minute. I know the answer to that question.

And then he goes on TV to complain about it. Shows his face...but doesn't give his name.


Our guess, and it's a safe one, is that the dumb ass thought he was being funny or was trying to show off to his co-workers. Sorry, that is never a good itda.

Sure, it sucks the dumb ass lost his job....but Karma...paging Mr. Karma....

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