Saturday, October 13, 2012

Unemployment Watch Begins On The Plains After Ole Miss Loss


In talking with TBH and her group that went to The Grove, they are under the impression that Auburn Offensive Coordinator Scot Loeffler should walk back to campus from Oxford, clean out his office, and make sure that he doesn't return.

Heading back to Temple to coach wouldn't be a bad idea, either...

Ole Miss snapped a 16-game Ess-E-Cee losing streak and beat the Tigers 41-20 continuing the impending thoughts on campus that current head coach Gene Chizik and his staff are not going to make it out of the season alive as a lot.

And there are even rumblings among the faithful that Athletic Director Jay Jacobs needs to be short for the world at his current employ as well.

Center Tunde Fariyike showed early nervousness in his second start at center- a bad snap led to the Rebels second score and the game was actually close in the fourth quarter at 24-20, but the home team answered with 17 of their own.

Clint Moseley started at quarterback and the discussions will continue as to whether it will be him of Kiehl Frazier next week. Frazier, allegedly, was held out of the lineup because of an injury that hindered his ability to throw.

Most Auburn fans, hearing that, thought that the injury was between Frazier's ears...

Here's Loeffler discussing his early optimism...
Coach Chizik is concerned about his team's psyche right now and the second-thoughts going on in their brain... "It's hard for them not to. Bottom line, we've got to do our best job as coaches to keep this team unified, to keep this working."
Jerry Palm, optimistically, has the 1-5 Tigers playing Arkansas State in the bowl game in Birmingham... the HQ isn't that optimistic and thinks that bowl committee should look elsewhere post haste...

And any ideas on a Chizik buyout can look a little ominous at $7-million, but that number is continually pro-rated and, if Chizik gets another job, what's left in the kitty stays on the table.

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