Thursday, October 11, 2012

University of Oklahoma channels 1998 for promotional video


Hey, Oklahoma, Eminem circa 1998 called, they want their look back.

We came across this video on the Yahoo/Dr.Saturday college football website and feel compelled to share it.

Though we aren't sure why.

Maybe it's because we are oddly fascinated by it. The song, promoting the University of Oklahoma, is a  rap style song sung by a guy wearing a sweatshirt, bike gloves and skinny jeans.

And he includes such luminaries as OU football coach Bob Stoops in said video. Which of course, makes it Sports related and thusly...shared.

So enjoy, and for those of you old enough to remember, this sounds...and looks an awful lot like a really bad take off of Eminem when he first appeared on the music scene...around oh, say 1998.

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