Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Oops

You know, sometimes it's good to be humbled, to be reminded that you aren't nearly as smart as you think you are.

And last weeks column and predictions reminded me of just that.

Just when we think that teams have moved forward and will no longer choke when put under pressure, we're proven wrong.

But that's part of the game kids.

In this clip, we find out what happens when a TV Network decides a sequel would be cool. Even if it was 20-years after the original. And the same actors look a LOT older.

So....last weeks tally: 9-6 (Worst WEEK EVER) Overall: 56-13, still pretty good.


1) Alabama 5-0. No debate here. Even if Nick Saban doesn't agree, everyone else does. So that's all that matters. They are coming off a bye week, but play Mizzou without James Franklin. They won't break a sweat. (This Week: at Missouri. Our Pick: Alabama 41, Mizzou 10)

2) Oregon 6-0. Guess we don't have much of an argument for keeping them out of this slot any more. ---sigh--. We still think they are the best of the West Coast. Which doesn't win you a title. (This Week: BYE)

3) South Carolina 6-0. Can't really debate this either. They just ran over Georgia last week. Coach Thin Skin put his wrinkly neck out last week and it paid off. All the attention was off his team. And that was quite honestly, a genius move. (This Week: at LSU. Our Pick: S.Carolina 17, LSU 13)

4) West Virginia 5-0. The Pinball Wizard tour continues. They play little defense in Morgantown, but when you score 50-plus a game, you don't have to. Geno Smith wasn't spectacular vs. Texas, but he didn't have to be. (This Week: at Texas Tech. Our Pick: WVA 43, Texas Tech 31)

5) Florida 5-0. Boom! Betcha didn't see this coming Florida fans. Okay. Honestly, nobody really saw this coming. But yet here they are. They've done just enough to win. And really that's all that matters. While beating LSU was great, the next 3 weeks will define their season. (This Week: at Vanderbilt. Our Pick: Florida 24, Vandy 21)

6) Notre Dame 5-0. Really didn't see this coming. And we're starting to worry our Notre Dame friends are going to starting saying how great they are again too. It looks like even though Brian Kelly is a bit of a douche, he's got another good team. (This Week: vs. Stanford. Our Pick: Notre Dame 27, Stanford 21)

7) Kansas St. 5-0. They just keep winning. And may be the best of the Big 12/10. The test comes in about 10 days. But right now, they are cruising. Colin Klein keeps producing and the defense is stout. At least on a Big 12/10 level. (This Week: at Iowa St. Our Pick: Kansas St. 34, Iowa St. 31)

8) Oregon St. 4-0. Because they are still undefeated they get this. However...they lose Sean Mannion and that may be there death knell. But we'll give them credit right now and if they don't stay here, we can live with that. (This Week: at BYU. Our Pick: BYU 31, Oregon St. 13--UPSET)

9) Florida State 5-1. We knew it would happen. We didn't know when, but we knew it. At some point, they were going to choke and lose a game they shouldn't. There's no excuse as to what happened vs. NC State. None. (This Week: vs. Boston College. Our Pick: FSU 44, BC 10)

10) LSU 5-1. Really? 6 Points vs. Florida. And then you make excuses about conditioning? Come on Les, your team is better than that. Right? You know you're making me look bad, I really thought you guys could win it all. Now we don't think you'll win the SEC. (This Week: See #3)

11) Ohio St. 6-0. Alright. Maybe coaching does count for something. Yes, they aren't eligible for a bowl game. But it doesn't matter. They are winning. And for the most part convincingly. And won't be pushed the rest of this season. (This Week: at Indiana. Our Pick: Ohio St. 41, Indiana 23)

12) Georgia 5-1. OK. Don't make me regret this Bulldogs. As much as we respect and love Mark Richt, we are starting to wonder about his teams balls. Yes, their cojones. They seem to fold at every big challenge. Maybe it's true, you have to be a dick to win. (This Week: BYE)


We can't believe we are reporting this, but both Memphis...and Idaho won this past week. Memphis was #1 and Idaho #3 in our poll. Go figure.

5) Auburn 1-4. Welcome home Gene Chizik. You are proving out to be exactly what we thought you were. There was a reason Iowa St fired you. But that doesn't excuse Jay Jacobs or pretty much anyone at Auburn for (a) Hiring you...and (b) Giving you a bizarre and idiotic contract extension after Cam Newton won you a title. ---sigh--- (This Week: at Ole Miss. Our Pick: Ole Miss 27, Auburn 16)

4) Kansas 1-4. Speaking of bizarre coaching hires.....Yes Charlie Weis, it's all the student newspaper's fault. That is why K-State annihilated you. It has nothing to do with how bad your team is or you are as a coach. And yes, your team has been here before too. (This Week: vs. Oklahoma State. Our Pick: Okie St. 40 man points, Kansas 17 Charlie Weis belt loops)

3) Southern Miss. 0-5. Still happy about having your own team Ellis Johnson? You sure? We said it last week and will say it again. Brett Favre for coach in 2013. You heard it here first. (This Week: at UCF. Our Pick: UCF 37, S.Miss 20)

2) Tulane 0-5. According to ESPN, they rank 109th or worse in at least 4 major categories. Out of 129 or so teams. That alone will put you here. You can't win being outscored on average 42-9. Plain and simple. (This Week: vs. SMU. Our Pick: SMU 42, Tulane 9)

1) UMass 0-6. Looks like the Minutemen and Green Wave will battle it out all year for the "Worst of the Worst". They just can't buy a win. Or any luck. Their only show will be vs. Akron next month. (This Week: BYE)

So enjoy another week and know that we're nearly half way home. Things will continue to shake out, but unless Alabama mails one in, it may already be over. 

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