Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of The Barrel: The Big 80's edition

We'd like to start this weeks column by thanking Sports Illustrated writer Andy Staples for getting us on an 80's TV Show Theme song riff today.

What better way to start a College Football weekly countdown?


Haha! The greatest TV theme song ever!

The field keeps narrowing and the leaders are separating themselves from the pack. We were sad to see our fav, Geno Smith tank against Texas Tech and surprised to see LSU step up when they needed to.

Since YouTube seems to be phasing out their Dirty Dozen movie clips, we will regale you with a musical interlude--featuring "The Dirty Dozen Brass Band"--enjoy!

So...we didn't rebound very well from last weeks debacle. We went 9-4, making the overall a still healthy 65-17. Though we aren't happy about the trend here.

And before we can quote Casey Kasem and say "On with the Countdown"---we give you this:

The Dirty Dozen:

1) Alabama 6-0. Talk about being on a roll. They just manhandled Missouri last week in a rainstorm. From Eddie Lacy's opening TD run to LaMichael Fannings suplex of Mizzou RB Russell Hansbrough, it was never close. Don't expect that to change. (This Week: at Tennessee. Our Pick: Alabama 31, Tennessee 20)

2) Oregon 5-0. Sorry Florida fans, even though the BCS says you should be here, we don't. Oregon is the team nobody wants to play--because they play like a 4x100 Relay team. But there are still questions. They have a couple of tests left, we'll see what happens. (This Week: at Arizona St. Our Pick: Oregon 43, Az. State 31)

3) Florida 6-0. Congrats Gator fans, you are back. For now. Jeff Driskell played the game of his life last week. But it was against Vanderbilt. It will be much tougher this week. Oh...and there's S.Carolina and Georgia back-to-back ahead. (This Week: vs. S.Carolina. Our Pick: Florida 17, S.Carolina 16)

4) Kansas State 6-0. Another hearty congratulations to Bill Snyder and his Wildcats. 6-0, leading the Big 12 and beating everyone they play handily. Collin Klein continues to amaze and the team is much more balanced then they have been. (This Week: at West Virginia. Our Pick: K-State 47, WVU 41)

5) LSU 6-1. The death march towards Alabama continues. Props to Lester and his charges for quieting some critics after folding vs. Florida. Zach Mettenberger is still shaky, but he managed to keep them in the conversation. (This Week: at Texas A&M. Our Pick: LSU 24, Texas A&M 21)

6) Notre Dame 6-0. They got lucky vs. Stanford. Theoretically, they could still be playing OT with the Tree. But they got the call and answered the phone. We still think they will not stay undefeated this year...but we've been known to be wrong. (This Week: vs. BYU. Our Pick: Notre Dame 27, BYU 14)

7) Oklahoma 4-1. Welcome back to the conversation. They put the absolute Smack-down on Texas last week. Everything clicked and made up for a questionable start to the season. Now's where we find out if they can run with the big boys. (This Week: vs. Kansas. Our Pick: Oklahoma 47, Kansas 21)

8) South Carolina 6-1. Question: Is the weight of the past two weeks catching up with them? They've got a tough, physical game coming up after the pounding at LSU. Can they survive? Can anyone ask Steve Spurrier about it? Questions....(This Week: at Florida. Our Pick See #3)

9) Oregon State 5-0. Impressive. They lose star QB Sean Mannion and Cody Vaz steps in and throws for 332 yards and 3-TD's. Well played Beavers, well played. These guys could run the table. The showdown with Oregon looms as a season maker. (This Week: vs. Utah. Our Pick: Oregon St. 37, Utah 16)

10) Ohio State 7-0. We'll give them a week of acknowledgement for being 7-0. Somehow they outlasted...Indiana last week. And they don't really have a challenge left on the schedule. Props to Urban for the job here, though the defense is a bit shaky. (Please don't get me fired Ms. Fickell). (This Week: vs. Purdue. Our Pick: tOSU 38, Purdue 28)

11) USC 5-1. They still appear to be hungover from the loss a month ago. They are winning, but not easily. This is a REALLY talented team that we think may end up being underachievers. (This Week: vs. Colorado. Our Pick: USC 100, Colorado 10)

12) Georgia 5-1. Time to find out whether these guys are going to roll over or not. Every year they fold when playing a top team and not this week, but next week will be the determiner as to whether they have a good season or not. (This Week: at Kentucky. Our Pick: Georgia 47, Kentucky 10)


5) Kansas 1-5. Welcome home Charlie Weis. You can't blame a crappy team on the student newspaper. Right now, it's your fault. And we don't think you'll pull out of this flat spin either. You aren't a good head coach. Never were. But yet you are still employed. Yes, we are being harsh. (This Week: at Oklahoma. Our Pick--See #7 in Dirty Dozen)

4) Auburn 1-5. Attention Auburn fans, you are inching ever-so-close to the Number #1 spot here. You are a BAD football team. And it isn't because of the talent. On paper, you should beat 80% of all the teams you play--just by showing up. Yet you aren't. Wonder why? (This Week: at Vanderbilt. Our Pick: Vandy 27, Auburn 20)

3) Eastern Michigan 0-6. What would a Bottom of the Barrel be without a directional Michigan school? Sorry guys, you lost to Toledo last week which was a good accomplishment. But you still play in arguably the worst conference in Divison 1, the MAC. Though Conference USA would challenge you there. (This Week: vs. Army. Our Pick: Army 24, E. Michigan 21)

2) Southern Miss. 0-6. Well, on the good side, you took UCF to overtime. So there is a bright spot. But...if that's all you can hang your hat on, you haven't had a good season. But...there are a couple potential winnable games remaining. (This Week: vs. Marshall. Our Pick: Marshall 40, S. Miss 21)

1) UMass 0-6. Positive note---you didn't lose last week. Negative note---you were off. We admire your chutzpah for playing in Division 1, are just a punching bag now. Yes, we'll give you credit for pushing conference leader there is that. (This Week: vs. Bowling Green. Our Pick: Bowling Green 37, UMass 14)

And...we leave you with this, two of our favorite TV Theme Songs from the 80's---Enjoy!

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