Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jerry Sandusky begins process to appeal conviction



This isn't over yet. It appears the attorney's representing convicted serial child molestor and former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky plan on appealing his sentence.

Sandusky was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison just over a week ago. And according to the process filed with the sentencing, had but 10-days to file notice he plans to appeal.

He did.

If you want to read the filing, it's RIGHT HERE

Without trying to bog down in legal mumbo-jumbo, essentially the document says that the Prosecution failed to produce evidence Sandusky had any physical or sexual contact with the witnesses. And, they state there was no evidence provided his interaction with those witnesses were criminal in any way.

Oh boy.

Yeah, sure, it's not a total surprise that he's appealing. His attorney's whined the whole time they didn't have enough time (6 months) to prepare. And though Sandusky himself said nothing and didn't testify, he now proclaims "I did nothing wrong" and that he is the victim of some sort of conspiracy.

We'll spare you the condescending statement that he released to the press late last week and just say this: "Jerry, leave it alone dude. Even though you aren't coming to grips with it, you've made it plainly obvious you are sick enough that you don't believe what you did is wrong. It is. And with it comes the full punishment of the law."

Unfortunately, the people of Centre County will be footing the bill if this is appealed and if the remote chance a judge overturns the decision happens. Nobody in their right minds thinks it will be overturned, but the way the legal system is so focused on the technicalities of a prosecution, all it takes is even the slightest goof up to get your case overturned.

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