Sunday, October 14, 2012

So Much For That Whole South Carolina Thing...


A lot of people were not surprised that this game in Death Valley:

1) Was a grinder and was played nowhere near the 20's and,
2) Would not be an upset if LSU actually won

So, there we are...

The LSU defense completely handcuffed Connor Shaw, kept him in the pocket, and forced the passing game to beat them instead of having the running game beat you in a confined space.

Offensively, it was simply to have Zach Mettenberger manage (as much as the HQ HATES THAT TERM) and just try not to screw things up when they needed him not to screw things up.

Freshman Jeremy Hill took up the slack on the ground with two scores and South Carolina, on the other hand, was held to 34 yards on the ground- 211 total.

Here's your wrap from FOSG Merissa Lynn in Lou-zee-anna...

"I don't know if he got hit in the head tonight or not," Spurrier said of Shaw after the game. "Some of his decision-making was a little off. Connor has played beautifully all year. He had some good plays tonight but he wasn't as sharp as he's been."

But, probably, the more telling words came from JD Clowney.

Whether or not the team pays attention to the words below will be the answer over the next few weeks as we hit the home stretch in the Ess-E-Cee:

"Some guys came out to play but some guys didn't. It may be because they were scared. We will address that in practice. We can't come out against Florida like that."

Now, will everyone listen to the young'un, or did he step out of line...???
That's the larger question...

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