Saturday, May 10, 2014

NBA Thinks They Can Bump Shelly Sterling, Too...


The NBA thinks they have the legal-wrangling room to make sure Shelly Sterling doesn't get to stay as 50-percent owner of the LA Clippers, either.

Ramona Shelburne has been on top of the story since the beginning.

She reveals the gambit:

Shelly Sterling -- while entitled to a 50 percent interest in the franchise -- has never been approved by the board of governors as the controlling owner. She and team president Andy Roeser, who went on an indefinite leave of absence this week, were only alternate governors.

Odds are she won't be approved by the Board of Governors as the big boss- considering her marriage and recent video that has surfaced where she has defended her husband as not being a racist.

Here's Sterling's lawyer making his peace

This looks like it's beyond going to get ugly...

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