Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jim Tressel Selected As New Youngstown State University President

[HT: The Youngstown (OH) Vindicator]

Back in the day successful head football coaches would eventually become the athletic directors.

Former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel has set a new precedent.

Tressel, who was the head football coach at Youngstown State from 1986 - 2000, was unanimously selected by the University's trustees as the new president of YSU.

In a statement Tressel said,  "We are honored and privileged to accept the board’s offer, and we are humbled by this opportunity to return to the area and school that we deeply love."

Tressel has two years remaining on his show cause penalty imposed by the NCAA for major violations on his watch as Ohio State head coach.  The NCAA accused Tressel of withholding information regarding their investigation of the memorabilia-for-tattoos scandal.

Dr. Sudershan Garg, Youngstown State University trustees chairman said university attorneys look into to Tressel's show cause and don't think it should affect his ability to perform as university president.

"As long as you acknowledge it and move forward, you have to look at the positive aspects of the individual." Garg said.

Tressel leaves his job as the executive vice president for student success at the University of Akron where he was also a candidate for university president.

Here's reaction from current Youngstown State head coach Eric Wolford.

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