Wednesday, May 14, 2014

OSG High: The Tale Of Two Hoops Stars Under One Roof


This is the sad reality of high school athletics- kids transfer, their parents let them, and sometimes the best of intentions (no matter how illegal) turn into tragedy.

Two Dallas Independent School District high school basketball coaches are on administrative leave following the death of one player and the arrest of another who lived under the same roof. James Madison High and Wilmer-Hutchins High's head coaches- Roderick Johnson and John Burley- look like they were in a situation where they recruited two athletes and may have gone as far as having associates forge documents, signatures, and violated UIL (the Texas high school athletics association) residence guidelines when it comes to housing and enrolling athletes in their basketball programs and respective high schools.

Troy Causey of Wilmer-Hutchins and Johnathan Turner of Madison High School got in a fight in front of the home where they were both living in South Dallas. Causey died from his injuries and Turner has been charged with the murder. Turner says it was an accident.

Parents and relatives interviewed below were amazingly forthright in admitting their rationale for the actions they did.

Here's their Part Two with Brett Shipp
News 8 has uncovered two other DISD instances of improper recruiting and grade changing and they maintain that the DISD Athletics Director, Jeff Johnson, has not been held in any kind of account for all of this.
The HQ isn't naive into thinking that this stuff never happens- or never happens anywhere close to home. That would be an astronomically naive point-of-view in today's universe of cutthroat high school athletics. But to get events to spiral this out-of-control is a new level of out-of-control.

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