Sunday, May 4, 2014

Reports: Clippers Win Over Golden State Ends in Hallway Shouting Match


On the court it was business and nothing personal, or so it appeared as the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Golden State Warriors Saturday night 126-121 to win Game 7 of their Best of 7 series.

But that apparently is where things got interesting.

This despite the long hugs and conversations as the two teams walked off the court. And after a tough series that was put in the spotlight after the Donald Sterling situation surfaced and nearly brought the it to a stop.

According to multiple reports, the Clipper their own gym appeared to have carried over to the Warriors and started a heated exchange.

That "exchange" brought most of the players from both teams into the hallway separating their locker rooms and according to witnesses, some police officers to make sure things didn't get out of hand.

Apparently after some shouting and arguing, both sides cooled their jets and went home or wherever they wanted after the game.

According to the story in Sunday mornings USA Today, the exchange may have been started by some Clipper ball boys shouting how quiet it was inside the Warriors locker room after the game. The Warriors led by Stephen Curry and Steve Blake came out to confront what is believed to be the "Ball Boys. Later, reports say Marresse Speights came out and the "exchange" got heated. It apparently cooled until Clippers guard Chris Paul walked by and briefly got heated again before things stopped.

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Interesting and a bit disturbing.

The Clippers move on and will square off with the Oklahoma City Thunder which promises to be a fun series matching two of the NBA's flashiest teams.

Highlights of the Clips win over Golden State from

And a clip from showing what they called the "Sportsmanship" after the game. We're guessing that was slugged before the reports of what happened off the court began to surface:

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