Monday, October 8, 2012

Egg Roll... And We're Not Talking Chinese Food...

We're talking about what happens when you lose a game to a rival school...

And the HQ means "really lose"

Georgia LB Christian Robinson said on his Twitter account after UGA's loss at South Carolina:

Came to a house that was egged and rolled. Seems that people turn on you when you're not perfect. Thought we were in this together.

Robinson and QB Aaron Murray share a house together...

Coach Mark Richt said in response that his players need to "be man enough to turn the other cheek."

FOSG Spencer Hall, over at must-read-memorize-and-otherwise-recite-from-heart-on-a-daily-basis EDSBS, claims:

Lost 35-7 to South Carolina in a game that was at no point competitive in any way. Your annoying homeopath friend says you might want to go gluten-free and see if it helps, Dawgs.

SBNation's Stephen Muma discloses that Murray also just found out his dad is dealing with thyroid cancer and he only found out Sunday.

Murray admitted on his Twitter feed that:

Probably the worst 12 hours of my life but I know my family will push through. Keep my dad in your prayers please

Stay classy, Athens...

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