Friday, May 18, 2012

Are The Miami Heat Losing It? Wade And Spoelstra In Heated Argument

Wasn't this suppose to be the year Miami's big three, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh win the NBA championship?  Wasn't the NBA playoffs suppose to be an unresistant path to coronation?

The Indiana Pacers must not have been on commissioner David Stern's e-mail list. 

Thursday night the Pacers pounced the Miami Heat 94-75 to go up 2-1 in the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinal series.

In the third quarter Dwyane Wade and Heat head coach ErickSpoelstra were caught by the cameras in a heated discussion during a timeout. 

Dwyane Wade finished the game going 2-13 from the field with five points. 

Spoelstra down played the confrontation with Wade telling reporters it's the least of his concerns.

It doesn't look good for the Miami Heat right now.

**Phil's note**---Can you say implosion? We aren't sure who is more upset about this: The Heat team or the higher ups at the 4-letter (ESPN).

This has the potential of a programming executives nightmare. Imagine an Indiana/Oklahoma City NBA Finals. Great basketball, but what about the ratings?

As we all know the programmers panic if they don't have either LA, New York, Chicago or Boston in any sports finals. Unless it is a high profile team like the Heat, whom ESPN has pretty much worshipped since the arrival of LeBron Choke...I mean LeBron James.

((Yes, we know Boston is still alive and kicking. We're guessing the programmers are praying to the statue of Red Auerbach for the old geezers to make it to the finals))

You can be damn skippy...or John Skipper if you work at ESPN that Erik Spoelstra is fired if and/or when the Heat lose this series. And you can also bet that it will all be blamed on the absence of Chris Bosh rather than the crappy performance of 2 of the top 5 players in the league (That's you LeBron and DWade).

They may still recover and win this series, but it sure doesn't appear on the surface that the Heat have the cojones or interest in putting up a fight. We'll wait before calling them D.O.A, because trailing 2-1 is hardly a death sentence, but things sure aren't looking too good.

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