Friday, May 25, 2012

Mike Vanderjagt resurfaces...and is in trouble


Yes, you read the headline correctly. Former Indianapolis Colts placekicker Mike Vanderjagt has made the news.

And it is not for a good thing unfortunately.

Vanderjagt never recovered from having the reputation of being a great regular season but lousy playoff performer. He also got in trouble for running his mouth. At one point, he criticized then coach Tony Dungy and then QB Peyton Manning. The famous quote "He got liquored up and was running his mouth was Manning reacting to that interview.

Vanderjagt was let go by the Colts in 2006 and aside from a brief shot with the Dallas Cowboys, he essentially was done in the NFL

Well, it seems the guy Rodney Harrison once called "Vander-jerk" is back in the news. He apparently has been a volunteer soccer coach at Marco Charter Middle School near Naples. And apparently Vanderjagt had been relentlessly teased by some kids who kept yelling "Wide Left" to him during a soccer match.


Well, Vanderjagt apparently lost his cool, grabbed the kid around the throat and threatened him. Uh...that's not good.

You can read about it from the Naples Daily News RIGHT HERE

For what it is worth, Vanderjagt apparently has apologized and deeply regrets his mistake. Unfortunately, the incident was being investigated by police. (It happened in March)

The good news for him is that he ended up not being charged. The bad news is, the incident cost him his job. Fair? Hard for us to say. All we can add is while we believe Vanderjagt probably got caught up in the moment, he needs to have slightly thicker skin.

Just sayin'...

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