Monday, May 28, 2012

Gordon Ramsey gets blown up at charity soccer match

Gordon Ramsey
((ht: yahoo sports))

We are guessing that former Man U striker Teddy Sheringham isn't a fan of "Hell's Kitchen". Either that or he owns a restaurant that was featured on "Kitchen Nightmares".

What else could explain Sheringham taking out the famous celebrity chef during this years "Soccer Aid" match in Old Tratford, England.

If you look at the video, Sheringham slide tackles Ramsey while Ramsey was trying to handle the ball. What's even funnier is the little playful face slap that you can see on the closeup replay.

And yes, Ramsey had to be stretchered from the match. case you were wondering there were other celebrity's who participated in the match including Will Ferrell, Gerard Butler and Mike Myers.

No other celebs were harmed in the playing of the match.

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