Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Phillip Fulmer to College Hall of Fame

No, really.

The Great Pumpkin got voted into the College Football Hall of Fame...on the 1st Ballot. Really....it's true.

Phillip Fulmer, former University of Tennessee head football coach, winner of a national title and owner of a nearly .750 percent winning percentage was one of 8 coaches on the 2012 ballot. This was his first year eligible.

We've made fun of Fulmer in the past, but quite honestly, he was a very, very effective coach during his 16-year tenure in Knoxville. Like many coaches, he hit a mid-career lull in the mid-2000's and it effectively cost him his job in the "What have you done for me today?" world of SEC Football. It also didn't help that he gained the reputation as someone who'd allow any type of kid to enroll. A heavy rotation of players with legal issues cost Fulmer dearly. It also motivated the blogosphere with OSG Fave EDSBS.com coining the term "Fulmer Cup" for the college football team with the most arrests during the offseason.

Fulmer has been out of coaching since 2008 and pops up on occasion as an analyst for CBS College Sports. His name also surfaces pretty much any time that a job comes open in the SEC.

We say congratulations Phillip Fulmer, this is quite the honor and though we will probably still call you the "Great Pumpkin" at least now you can say "Call me Mr. Hall of Fame Great Pumpkin".

Here is some video, put together by a Fulmer fan, a compilation of his greatest on-camera coaching moments.

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