Thursday, May 24, 2012

Report: Shaquille O'Neal...the Big GM (of the Magic)--updated

The Big G.M himself



The master of the mono-syllabic pun running an NBA franchise?


Well, according to's Chris Broussard, the Orlando Magic want to meet with the former Magic star and current TNT commentator. The reason: Apparently O'Neal has a good relationship with the whiny Dwight Howard and the Magic may believe O'Neal can help keep Howard in Orlando.

Yeah...right, we had the same reaction.

Read the story RIGHT HERE

Well, it never hurts to dream we suppose.

And, well, they (the Magic) might actually give O'Neal, who began his career in Orlando at least a cursory interview.

But don't believe this for a minute.

Well, no, scratch that. Considering the smart decision making the Magic ownership has made over the past couple of years, you can't rule it out. That's despite O'Neal having no management experience and no discernible talent evaluation skills.

But he'd be a heck of an interview.

We wish the "Big G.M" luck. Maybe he will get the job. And maybe he'll surprise us all and be good at it. Then again, he tried acting a few years back...and we all know how well that turned out.

UPDATE 3pm Thursday---Mr. O'Neal released a statement Thursday afternoon saying in essence he is not interested in pursuing the job. (damn!). How much fun could this have been?

Orlando...we give you your new G.M...hahahahahaha!

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