Thursday, May 17, 2012

Raiders LB Rolando McClain to do 180 days of prison time

Rolando McClain/File
Oakland Raiders LB Rolando McClain may or may not be ready to start this upcoming season with his teammates.

The reason: He's been sentenced to 180 days in jail for his role in a December assault in Decatur, Alabama.

McClain, a starter for the Raiders and former University of Alabama star was facing 4 different charges, of which he was sentenced to 45 days for each one.

If you have a second, read our original story from December of this past year, when McClain was arrested for the incident while apparently home for a funeral.

You can read it RIGHT HERE

We would be mildly surprised if McClain serves this sentence, but we could again be wrong. Most people, particularly of his stature, don't seem to ever quite have to pay the price for doing something incredibly stupid.

We could be wrong and it will also be very interesting to see what the NFL and the Jolly Roger think about this. Even if he doesn't serve all or even part of his prescribed time, we would not be shocked if the league itself makes sure that Mr. McClain doesn't get off without paying a bit of a price.

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