Monday, May 14, 2012

St. Louis Rams not-so-secret stadium proposal


Well, Saint Louis, if you want to keep your football team, the price to get in the game may have just exploded.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster released on Monday what has been termed a "Secret" proposal the St. Louis Rams are making for a new and improved Edward Jones Dome.

According to KSDK-TV, the proposal dwarfs the $125-plus million one made by the Convention and Visitors Commission.

In fact, the proposal has been given to the CVC who says the cost for what the team wants may be well north of $700 million.

The differences in what the 2 groups would like to do is pretty stark and detailed including the teams request for a semi-retractable roof over only the field. And no, there has yet to be any discussion as to whom would pay for such a thing.

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Alrighty then.

The game is afoot and it has a deadline of late 2013 as the Rams lease with the stadium runs out in 2014. And no, there is nothing significant wrong with the current dome. It's just that much like the other teams angling for a stadium, the team wants to make more money.

They (The Rams) at this point haven't said if or how much they are willing to pitch in for this. We're guessing probably not much.

Unfortunately, the team holds some cards here as the lease comes up and the Los Angeles football stadium looming in the rear view mirror.

We had to laugh a little bit as the KSDK story talks to someone about the "Impact" on hotels and restaurants in the area. Sorry guys, we, nor do most, buy the whole "NFL Team equals huge out-of-town visitor" argument. Most fans that come to NFL games either live in your city or close enough that they do it on a day trip.

Sure there are a few that might travel in, but not enough to make a significant impact (hear that Atlanta?).

But we suspect this will end up the way all these issues end up. The Rams will get what they ask for. The people in the Metro area will pay more for their services in the form of taxes and the team will end up staying where they are.

We could be wrong about this...and frequently are about such things....but then again, we aren't a traditional News outlet, we can offer our own thoughts and opinions.

Here's the TV Story from KSDK-TV:

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