Saturday, May 12, 2012

DEVELOPING: 3 Razorbacks Busted For Burglary


Arkansas wide receivers Marquel Wade and Maudrecus Humphrey, and tight end Andrew Peterson were arrested by University of Arkansas Police just after midnight in a burglary case.

Witnesses ID'ed the three as players for UA and some of the stolen items were recovered from a bookstore near campus. A police report said that a clerk at that particular store said that the three regularly sold used stuff.

Arkansas head coach John L. Smith released the following statement:

"Marquel Wade, Maudrecus Humphrey and Andrew Peterson have been suspended indefinitely. We have high stands for our student-athletes and I expect them to conduct themselves appropriately. Poor conduct and misbehavior will not be tolerated and is not what we expect from the University of Arkansas football program."

All three are supposed to appear in court on Monday to address the charges.

The HQ would like to commend the Razorbacks for suspending players indefinitely during a time of year when nothing is going on...

Well played, sir...

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