Thursday, May 24, 2012

True or not? Report: Yankees for sale

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((ht:'s possible, but kind of hard to believe. But if the Dodgers are worth $2 billion, hypothetically, what are the Yankees worth?

The New York Daily News reports that New York Yankees team CEO Hal Steinbrenner is exploring his options regarding his family owned baseball team. The paper quotes various sources as saying that banking and financial sectors in the city have been talking about this for weeks. And the story is making the rounds of all the Network newscasts Thursday morning.

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Steinbrenner had to step up and say something.

And he did. He released a statement this morning (Thu) saying the story is "Pure Fiction" and the family has "No intention" of selling the Yanks.

We don't doubt that they at least floated a couple of "What if" proposals, quite honestly they'd be crazy not to.

But sell the team.

No....we don't think so.

As much as we despise the team and what they've done to baseball, we admire the Brand that they've built. It's unparalleled in any sport. They are iconic. And honestly, they should be.

But no, you can file this story under the category of "Wild Speculation" by the Daily News...and its a good way to get attention and sell papers.

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