Thursday, May 10, 2012

MN Stadium deal almost done

We are writing this story knowing full well that it may be outdated by the end of Thursday, but there is news here.

The on-again, off-again, convoluted, open-for-debate attempt at getting a new stadium built for the Minnesota Vikings is just about complete.

The Minnesota House of Representatives agreed to a new stadium deal, which includes a $50 million increase in funding from the Vikings, at about 3:30am Thursday morning.

The bill heads to the State Senate Thursday afternoon.

Read more from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune RIGHT HERE

The building will be a $1 billion structure that the team will pay over $470 million for. That part is admirable and actually is nearly half the estimated cost. The rest will be paid by the taxpayers of Minnesota.

The very complicated deal has far too many complications for us to get in here. And while we've come out on the record as being opposed to the premise of this, we are also realistic enough to understand that this is going to get done.

It's just humorous to us to read about the legislators who believe that the structure will pay for itself because of increased jobs and revenue around the stadium.To that we say, are there new people that will suddenly get permanently employed because the structure exists? There are already people employed that will be working around it. How is that going to change?

Yes, we get that the team "Might" have moved to L.A without this deal. But they "Might" not have too. Either way, we hope that the state and people of Minnesota can afford this. We hope that budgets won't have to be cut and we hope the things that need to be funded still will be.

And yes, we know, plenty more cities and states with 20-year old stadiums will be facing a similar issue. Very soon.

Your video story from KARE-11 in Minneapolis:

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