Friday, May 18, 2012

DEVELOPING: Coyotes Sale Soon...??? (UPDATED With Denial)

((HT: Sportsnet Radio/FAN 590))

Sportsnet 590 The FAN's Bob McCown is reporting on his afternoon radio show, "Prime Time Sports," that Boston Pizza owner/founder Jim Treliving will purchase the Phoenix Coyotes for around C$165 million, paid over the course of 10 years, with the flexibility to move the team without restriction after four years.

Treliving has denied anything up to this point when it comes to picking up the Coyotes- or any other NHL team for that matter. That's the smart play for any owner that wants a piece of the league (see what Jim Balsillie DIDN'T do where the Coyotes were concerned and what True North did do to secure the Winnipeg Jets).

As we told you back in March with OSG Sports original tracking of the idea, Treliving owns and operates the Central Hockey League as part of T&M Holdings.

If he is involved again, it means that what Bobcat is saying flies in the face of the Jamison-Bettman presser last week.

And that can't be good pee-ahr for the league...
More when we know more...

: Treliving took to his Twitter feed, @JTreliving, to refute the activity at present...

There is a Rumor I am buying the Phoenix Coyotes. I am not as it has been purchased by Greg Jamison I am not buying the team. End of story

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