Monday, May 21, 2012

Matthew Stafford does a good, good thing


Sometimes NFL Football players do things to remind you that they aren't all getting arrested, in trouble or using drugs.

A story in today's Detroit News detailed a gesture that Detroit Lions and former University of Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford recently made to a patient at the University of Michigan's Mott Children's hospital and her family.

Stafford was at a benefit put on by Michigan football alums Brian Griese, Charles Woodson and Steve Hutchinson. He attended the events charity auction and ended up bidding on a gift he himself donated to the auction. Tickets to a Lions game.

He bid $15,000 for the package and won...then immediately Stafford and his girlfriend turned to the family of Faith Falzone who is soon going to be having surgery at the hospital...and gave them the tickets/prize.

As the story goes, Stafford spent a good chunk of the event with Falzone's brother Will and asked him what prize he thought would he'd like. He mentioned the tickets. The rest is....well...a great story.

Read more from the Detroit News RIGHT HERE

We applaud young Mr. Stafford whom we've known since covering him at the University of Georgia. Over the years, we've probably interviewed him 25-30 times. He's a very, very sharp kid and to quote friend of the OSG Gil Tyree "He Gets It".

We hope that Falzone and her family enjoy the "Monday Night Football" package and something tells us there will be more than just game tickets waiting for this one.

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