Thursday, May 17, 2012

In Case You Missed it: Will Rhymes passes out after getting hit by pitch

It certainly scared the heck out of just about everyone at Tropicana Field Wednesday night.

The "It" is what happened to Tampa Bay Devil Rays infielder Will Rhymes on the way to 1st base after he was hit by a pitch just above his elbow.

Rhymes tried to shake it off and trotted to 1st only to according to reports "Feint" and collapse in the arms of 1st Base coach George Hendrick.

Rhymes was okay, he just had a bruise and was checked out by medical personnel at the game. When they came out to attend to him and starting asking him who he was, he told reporters he jokingly said "I'm Batman" Oh by the way, the game his Rays won, 2-1 over the floundering Boston Red Sox.

Read the game story from RIGHT HERE

Rhymes is lucky, but what happened to him is not unheard of. Some people don't take the trauma of hurting themselves very well.

It happened once to your favorite OSG author a couple of years ago after slamming the car door on my thumb and then trying to drive away. Just a couple minutes later, my body temperature skyrocketed, I got dizzy and had too pull off the side of the road because I was going to pass out. Some cold air and water calmed me down, but I share the story just to say "It does happen".

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