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The SEC/Big 12 Bowl: Galactic Realignments Trump Card?

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Before you read this story, you should breeze through the story below it on the OSG Sports website.

You know, the one that talks about only what could...or couldn't be the biggest move thus far in the history of College Football's "Galactic Realignment".

It's the story of 2 of the 4 so-called "Power Conferences", the SEC and the Big 12 agreeing to put on a bowl game that may...or may not feature their conference champs. The name "The Champions Bowl" and it will be offered to a rotation of cities with "The Highest Bid".

But College Sports are about competition...not profit.


It may put the champs of each conference against each other in a bowl game at a "To-Be-Determined" location...if they aren't in the soon to be agreed upon playoff. Or it may put the conference runner-ups there.

Your press release from the SEC RIGHT HERE

As we all know, there is zero chance the champ of either the SEC or Big 12 isn't in the upcoming 4-game College Football playoff, but it is theoretically possible.

What we like the most about this is the collective call out by SEC Commish Mike Slive and outgoing Big 12 commish Chuck Neinas, of Big 10 commissioner Jim Delany, the man most responsible for the current mess that is the BCS. And really, we sort of get that he's protecting the Rose Bowl by trying to center any playoff around it. But to those of us on the East Coast and in the South, that bowl game isn't as big as Delany thinks.

The other potential bonus here is it may render some of the other trivial minor bowls irrelevant or hopefully end them. Sorry folks, the "Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl" or the "Champs Sports Bowl", they benefit nobody...other than the people that put the game on.

Don't for a MINUTE, believe the whole line of crap given by bowl officials: "It's a chance for the players to be rewarded for a great season". BULLSHIT (sorry for the language). Going to a bowl game for a 6-6 record is not a reward. It is not for the fans. Most fans don't want to buy a $1500 ticket package to see their mediocre team in a bowl game. They don't.

It's for the people who put on said bowl game to make money. For those who don't know, bowl games make tons of money off sponsorships and the unused team tickets.

Yes, that's right, unused team tickets. Ask the University of Connecticut about the $1.6 million it owed the Fiesta Bowl a couple of years ago about that.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

What this means is fairly simple.

There is going to be a College Football playoff in 2014. And it is going to involve the "Top 4" teams in the country. (They are still trying to determine how to determine that)

The rest will sort out to bowl games.

We don't know which bowl games will survive this. But honestly a little "Survival of the Fittest" there won't be such a bad thing.

The other big thing is "Realignment". While we too laughed at the "FSU interested in Big 12" stories, suddenly, that takes on a different tone". Look for the Big 12 to be back at 12 teams...or more...very soon. Your prime candidates...anybody in the ACC and Louisville in the Big East.

What it is going to mean to anyone outside the Big 10, Big 12, SEC and Pac 12 is...well, enjoy your bowl game, you won't be playing for the title. Unless you are one of the 4....which you won't be.

And so the trump card is played. The stars will realign. The game will change. And it will never be the same.

Thanks for indulging me by reading this. Think about what I'm saying. It's's true, you know its true.

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