Wednesday, May 16, 2012

South Atlantic League to hold HR Derby on Aircraft Carrier

USS Yorktown/Ctsy: Charleston River Dogs/

This should be interesting to see. Let's hope that a network of some sorts is curious and televises this.

The South Atlantic League (Single A Baseball) announced that they will hold the 1st round of their leagues All-Star Home Run Derby from the flight deck of the USS Yorktown in Charleston, South Carolina.

The event, which will feature 5 players from each division getting 10 swings each, will be the day before the final rounds, which will be held at Riley Park in Charleston.

Oh...and it's going to be held June 18th (Monday) as part of the league's All-Star festivities. If you go, mention the league's All-Star game and you'll get into or onto the Carrier for free.

Read the Press Release RIGHT HERE

Quite honestly, this looks like it might be fun. No, it won't feature Prince Fielder or Josh Hamilton or Matt Kemp, but it should be very interesting to see.

We wish we could get the time off from the paying gig to go see it for ourselves. But, we'll probably have to settle for finding the highlights and showing them to you right here.

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