Friday, May 11, 2012

Because we have to meniton it: Bikini Hockey League

No really, they aren't cold at all...
((ht: puckdaddy))

Well, we suppose if there is a Lingere Football League, then Bikini Hockey makes sense on some level. (Yeah, that level too)

But believe it or not, this is a true story and we have a press release to back it up. Though we might qualify this by saying this appears to be a reality show based on try-outs for a supposed league.

A Tulsa, Oklahoma based, self-proclaimed "Entrepreneur", Cary Eskridge is trying to be the point man in this concoction, which really just has a website with a front page, casting application and a press release.

And we are pretty sure it exists so Sports Blogs and entertainment outlets might get wind of it and give them some free publicity. (Guilty)

The press release touts the location (Tulsa) and its "Hockey Heritage" and central location. And it briefly, after you get past the long, gushing reel of Eskridge's accomplishments, mentions that the league is going to be the basis for the reality show. Which raises the question? Will they actually play....or is this a huge marketing gimmick?

Yes, we have a pretty good idea of the answer too.

You too can read the Press Release RIGHT HERE

We also got a laugh that this was "Created" during the 2004 Hockey strike and is just now coming to fruition.

If this is a TV Production...well, we're all in the "TV Production" business and are pretty sure it doesn't take 8-years to get a show off the drawing board.

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