Friday, May 11, 2012

Boise State having second thoughts about Big East move


Galactic realignment: (a)The tectonic shift in the continents that make up College Football (b) The sometimes senseless and always profit-driven move of schools from one conference to another to improve their bowl eligibility.

We wanted to clear that up before moving forward.

Why are we moving forward?

Well, it appears one of the bigger chess pieces in the shifting of conferences is either having second thoughts or problems.

Reports from the King of Realignment, Brett McMurphy of indicate that Boise State has yet to withdraw from their current conference, The Mountain West, to make the move in 2013 to the Big East official.

We might remind everyone though, that move is only effective in Football. Basketball, baseball and the other sports are not included. And if/when Boise leaves the MWC, those teams go with them.

Apparently, the Big East is trying to help them relocate those Sports to the WAC...but the WAC may not be intact much longer.

And yes, according to the Idaho Statesman, it would cost the Broncos $5 million of they back out of the deal with the Big East now, $10 million if they make the move official first.

We might also add that reports are surfacing the Big East has some other issues. Apparently Louisville and Connecticut are making it be known they'd like to leave.

Those moves would have a huge impact on TV deals...because as we've learned, that is what College Football/ESPN's College Football is all about.

We can think of no video more fitting at the moment:

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