Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Monster Mash By PawSox Lars Anderson

Lars Anderson put the perfect swing on a pitch Tuesday night and launched the ball where none had travelled before.
Anderson, a power hitting prospect playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox, crushed the baseball with such force that it sailed to the depths of deep, deep, deep right center field at McCoy Stadium and not only hit the scoreboard, but knocked the lights out too.
This is no urban legend, there is actually video evidence.

Anderson is a first baseman, a position that demands consistent home run power however even though he has the potential to test the limits of a ballpark like the tape measure shot Tuesday night Anderson has never put up big home run numbers in the minors. Last year Anderson hit 14 home runs, not the kind of numbers that would have the Boston Red Sox clearing roster space for a call up. Anderson is 24 years old so time is not on his side.

For one night though Lars Anderson hit a shot that was literally lights out.

I'm sure Red Sox fans are wondering how Anderson would test the limits of Fenway Park.

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