Thursday, May 24, 2012

NJ Gov: We're allowing Sports Betting try and stop us

Gov. Chris Christie

And with that, a gauntlet of sorts is being laid down by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Christie announced Thursday afternoon that he would allow the state begin implementing Sports Gambling in order to help prop up ailing Atlantic City.

Okay great. One problem.

According to a 1991 Federal law, they aren't allowed to have Sports Betting. And they apparently had a chance to be included before that law passed, but didn't.

Christie says he's prepared for the Feds to try and stop him, but says "Go Ahead".

Read the Washington Post story RIGHT HERE


We think there will be a lot of eyes on this one. A non-binding referendum during the last election cycle indicated that the public in New Jersey are for it. The casino industry, of course, is way for it. But they are hesitant to open up said betting parlor for fear it could be shut down.

And it might.

But it might not.

We aren't big advocates of gambling, mostly because we...well, we suck at it. But, if that is what the majority wants...they should have the ability to get it. Though we haven't been to Atlantic City are ownselves, we know plenty of people that have. And, well, it doesn't exactly have the same reputation that Las Vegas does.

So if this would help them, they should be allowed to do it. As long as they play by the rules.

We look forward to seeing what happens now that the ball is, at least in theory, now in the Feds court.

Maybe Christie can call Robert Conrad to back him up:

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