Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh yes they call him the Streak (video)

Really, you should not emulate the man in this story. should not get drunk and try to streak across the field at a Major League Baseball stadium.

But...if it were something that someone...DID decide to do, then it might turn out like this.

Collin Gundstrum apparently decided sometime Thursday that he was going to make his statement and run naked across the field at Busch Stadium in St. Louis during the Cardinals/Phillies game.

He was least until security caught up with him

Honestly, this was kind of funny. But it isn't something that's normally reported on anymore. Mostly the TV cameras are ordered to ignore it as are the announcers. But Gundstrum's streak was so stark and blatant and essentially harmless, that they didn't.

And yes, there is video (though not network quality): harkens back to an old school classic:

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