Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aroldis Chapman's room robbed in Pittsburgh and bound woman found

Aroldis Chapman

Either Aroldis Chapman has some bad mojo surrounding him off the field or he's got some secrets.

The reason we say that; apparently during last night's Pittsburgh Pirates/Cincinnati Reds game in Pittsburgh, someone or ones broke into the big Cuban lefthander's room and robbed him.

And it appears police found out after security guards were alerted by guests at the Omni William Penn hotel that there were screams coming from Chapman's room.

That's where they found a 26-year old woman tied up and crying.


Yeah, so are we.

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The story says police reported "The woman opened the door to the room after a man claiming to be maintenance knocked on the door". The part the police...or this report leaves out was apparently what the woman was doing in Chapman's room.

She is not ID'd.

Chapman has had his fair share of issues the past few weeks. From the $100 million alleged lawsuit from someone in Cuba to his driving and DUI issues, he has not been the model of quiet off-the-field behavior.

There may have been a perfectly rational reason the woman was in his room.

And no, it doesn't explain...or justify the robbery. We hope police are able to catch that clown. But there are a lot of odd, unexplained coincidences here.

Maybe we are just cynical, but we think there is a better explanation for the woman in the room that we haven't and probably won't hear.

We think this whole ESPN/Sports Science thing is kind of stupid, but its good video and a way to show why Chapman has made a name for himself.

Here's coverage from our friends at WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh...

"We are aware of the hotel room robbery of one of our players and are working with local law enforcement agencies. Because it is an active police investigation, we have no other comment at this time," Reds spokesman Rob Butcher said in an email.

Reds manager Dusty Baker was found entering a cab on his way to the ballpark and admitted he didn't know much about it and said also that it was a police matter...

Here's early returns from our friends at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati

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