Friday, May 25, 2012

In Case You Missed It; Heat win series over Pacers

Well, so goes the premise of the Miami Heat flaming out in the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

The team with the most Top 5 players won, and won somewhat convincingly.

Dwayne Wade woke up and dropped 41 points, LeBron helped him out with 28 more to close out the Pacers 105-93. The win caps a 4-2 series victory and moves the Heat to the Eastern Conference finals where they await the winner of the Boston/Philadelphia series.

We, along with many others, categorized...well okay, openly pulled for the Heat's demise after they fell behind 2-1 in the series and showed signs of imploding. They played the whole series without spoke #3 Chris Bosh and played Game 6 without a suspended Udonis Haslem.

This is the part where we begin tuning out the endless, 4-month long NBA Playoff season, mostly because outside the Oklahoma City Thunder, none of the other teams are even remotely interesting.

Well that, and there are other things to do during the summer than worry about a basketball/playoff season that won't end until July.

Here are your highlights:

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