Thursday, May 31, 2012

The cost of Galactic Realignment: Colorado athletics gets loan to cover debt


Still want to make the argument that conference realignment is for the "Betterment" of the school and the game?

Well then you might want to sit back and read a little about this story.

The University of Colorado Athletic Department reportedly has had to take a $10 million "Bridge" loan from the school and the state university system to help cover a budget shortfall created by the Buffalo's move from the Big 12 to the Pac 12.

Yes, that's right, it's now on the students and taxpayers of Colorado to back and possibly pay for the move.

Oh...the school gave the athletic department $3 million more...that it doesn't have to pay back to help cover the cost of the move. The excuse "The move benefited the entire school".

Now...we will say, for those of you who read this far, the school is likely to recoup its $10 million once the Athletic Department starts getting their cut of the Pac 12's very, very lucrative TV deal.

Read the entire Daily Camera story RIGHT HERE

So you are probably saying "What's the big deal?" The "Big Deal" is that in this time of rising tuitions and supposedly escalating cost of going to and operating colleges, its somewhat surprising they the drop of a hat, hand over $10 million.

It also is a big deal because AGAIN, this is all about the chase for ESPN's money. Sure, we get that its no longer a pure "Student-Athlete" game, despite what the school presidents say. It's big business. And school's have to do what they have to do to make money. We get that, its they way our system works.

We just feel badly for the next generation of kids who want to go to college and are being priced out of the system. And no, going to college does not make you "A Snob" like some dumb-ass politicians try to claim. It should be an opportunity open to anyone who can qualify instead of just those few that can afford it.

Really...wait, stop, nobody should be able to go to college except athletes, right Rick?

Geez...we got all political again...sorry.

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