Friday, October 28, 2011

BREAKING: A Nebulously-Worded Testing Situation Goes Badly At UGA...?

Sources close to OSG Sports are telling us that a University of Georgia football player failed a pre-season drug test and had a second test administered this week to either confirm or deny the initial finding.

There are several issues here: One, the HQ knows the player in question. But until we have more specifics, we're not going to announce who it is- although we will admit that his impact would be substantial if he is held out of the Cocktail Game as a result of the tests in question.

No word on whether or not this particular individual made the trip down as of 1315HRS. Through sources, the University is neither confirming or denying any of this.

Second, protocol would mean that the A Sample came back as a positive test for the current college football positive drug test of choice. The B Sample would have had to concur the ruling. Then, unless you're habitually using, the effects of the pre-season sample would be irrelevant in any administration of the test from the past week.

Third, the test would not have been administered unless the University had a suspicion of continual use- thus the "random" test...

More when we know more...

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