Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Report: NBA to cancel 2-more weeks of season

NBA Commish David Stern
((ht: nydailynews.com))

We have an update to what may be the least noticed lockout in the history of professional sports. And we say that as full-fledged NBA Basketball fans. We qualify it by saying very few people notice the NBA gets going this time of year, because like most sports, it gets overshadowed by Football.

According to the New York Daily News, the league will announce today (Tuesday) that two more weeks of the upcoming season will be cancelled.

That would eliminate games through November 28th.

The season was scheduled to begin on the 1st.

Read the story from the New York Daily News RIGHT HERE

There has been little movement in negotiations between the league and its players union. It isn't that they haven't tried, they have. But the players say they won't agree to the precondition of a 50-50 split that the owners want before they'll come back to the table.

Honestly folks, this isn't going to be resolved anytime soon, if at all. The owners have most of the leverage here and it would behoove the players to come up with something to resolve this.

But that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

The players aren't going to take the hefty pay cuts the owners want without getting something back. And the players don't seem to be real willing to do that. The flip side is, the owners created this mess in the first place, their lack of restraint created the bloated, overpaying system they are now trying to fix.

In the meantime, the players are trying to organize barnstorming tours and their sponsors are willing to pay them for it. Others are signing overseas deals. And while they may not make the money they would by playing, they'll make more money that you and I ever will.

It is unfortunate that this is happening as the league was poised to reclaim some of it's lost mojo. Instead, if and/or when they finally do come around to agreeing on something, they are going to have to try and rebuild everything with the fans. As always, the fans are the ones losing here and really, we think they will make their voices heard when the league comes back....and nobody goes to the games.

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