Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: I want you to want me

So....we had a couple of upsets last week. You know, if you go back and look at last weeks column, you'll see that a certain someone predicted the Michigan State win...though not the way they won it.

The beauty of college football is that things have a way of equaling least for now. Teams that start undefeated early don't usually finish that way. And you know, despite all of the "Galactic Realignment" stuff, the better teams tend to separate from the field over the course of late October and early November.

In today's clip, our heroes are working hard at their secluded training facility. Much like LSU and Alabama who are playing for the Championship of the Known Universe next week:

Last week: 13-3..who knew Memphis and UAB would win. Overall: 75-15. Not bad, but we don't pick the spread, we don't agree with doing that.

Let's have Casey take us to the countdown:

The Dirty Dozen:

1) LSU 8-0. They flat out annihilated Auburn last week. The hype for the Alabama game has already started. LSU stays in the #1 slot, because they've still played a better schedule. And though the Mad Hatter says the Honey Badger and others weren't "Suspended", it doesn't matter, they'll be back. This Week: BYE

2) Alabama 8-0. We are pretty sure the College Football world will take pause while the game with LSU is played. In fact, we dare say the entire sporting world may pause for this one. Bama struggled..a bit with Tennessee and raised a few questions for the "Game of the Millenium". This Week: BYE

3) Stanford 7-0. The BCS computers are a pathetic joke. This may be the most underrated team in the country. Nobody in the "Semi-Pac 12" has been able to compete with them. And they won't, though this week will be a test. This Week: at USC. Our Pick: Stanford 31, Southern Cal 23

4) Boise St. 7-0. They just keep rollin, rollin, rollin. Air Force put up a good fight, but were still out of their league. We still see no reason this team should lose, they just have to watch everyone in front of them do it. This Week: BYE

5) Clemson 8-0. The fact they haven't choked yet is impressive. And they've scored 56 and 59 points in successive conference games. The biggest hurdle of the season comes this week on the road, we will see if they are up to the task. Still feeling like they'll blow a game though. Just our 2-cents. This Week: at Georgia Tech. Our Pick: Clemson 48, Ga. Tech 41

6) Oklahoma State 7-0. We may be the only ones who don't believe in the Fighting Gundy's. The BCS computers love them. But, they still give up too many points. And if they lose Justin Blackmon, they will struggle against a good team. This Week: vs. Baylor. Our Pick: Okie St. 43, Baylor 38. 

7) Oregon 6-1. To their credit, the injury bug hasn't slowed them down..much. And they have time to get healthy. We still don't see them as a threat to any of the teams ahead of them though. This Week: vs. Washington State. Our Pick: Oregon 43, Wash. St. 21

8) Arkansas 6-1. Not totally sold on the Petrino's here either. They really struggled last week with a plucky Ole Miss team. They've been good, not great, though they are better than anyone in the SEC East. This Week: at Vanderbilt. Our Pick: Arkansas 31, Vandy 23

9) Oklahoma 6-1. They must have entered an alternate universe last week. The fold against Texas Tech is inexplicable. No other words can describe it. The "D" is struggling with injuries, that might be the explanation. This Week: at Kansas State. Our Pick: Oklahoma 43, K-State 31

10) Kansas St. 7-0. Yes, another Big 12/10 team. The writers and experts think the 12 is "Awesome", we think there is no "D" in Big 12. Reality is about to set in for these guys, though with coach Bill Snyder, they are a good story. This Week: SEE ABOVE

11) Michigan State 6-1. Well...they got lucky. We figured they'd be up to the task vs. Wisconsin. Despite almost blowing it, they got a break. Good for them. It won't last. Traditionally they gag after a big win and we think this year will be no exception. This Week: at Nebraska. Our Pick: Nebraska 30, Mich. St. 23 UPSET

12) Houston 7-0. They get in by virtue of being undefeated. And Case Keenum setting all kinds of records last week. Sure, the play in C-USA, but they haven't lost. You have to respect that. This Week: vs. Rice. Our Pick: Houston 52, Rice 17

**BONUS PICK*** Florida vs. Georgia--Georgia is better, but they are often better and still lose. This year the Bulldogs are schizophrenic if nothing else and Florida is still looking for an identity. We don't feel totally confident in this pick, but we'll go with it. Our Pick: Georgia 24, Florida 21.

**AND YES, THE #1 Team in 1-AA is still my alma mater--Georgia Southern. We play App State this week, I hope we win, but won't pick it.

The Bottom of the Barrel: 

5) Indiana 1-7. Think about this. Between these guys and the Colts, they have 1 win combined. The Hoosiers beat South Carolina State. Big whoop. They are a prime reason why we hate the Big 10. Hope Kevin Wilson has his resume updated. This Week: vs. Northwestern. Our Pick: Northwestern 43, Indiana 20.

4) Akron 1-6. The home of LeBron James. We wonder if Northern Ohio is just the home of bad sports teams or there is a Lake Erie curse or some other explanation. Either way, the Zips aren't feeling very zippy this year. This Week: vs. Central Michigan. Our Pick: Central Michigan 33, Akron 21.

3) Minnesota 1-6. Somehow, Coach Jerry Kill got a 7-year contract extension this week. Granted he hasn't had much to work with, but this is some really bad football. Combined with Indiana, they add to the argument that the Big 10 sucks...badly. This Week: vs. Iowa. Our Pick: Iowa 112, Minnesota 17. 

2) Florida Atlantic 0-7. Arguably the worst team ever in College Football. Thank god they don't play New Mexico. And that is the only reason they aren't #1 in this part of the poll. Poor Howard Schnellenberger. He's retiring on this...geez. This Week: BYE. Our Pick: BYE 48, FAU 10. 

1) New Mexico 0-7. They were competitive opening day. They haven't even been close since. And no, we don't count they close loss to 1-AA Sam Houston State. This is just painfully bad football. There is hope without Mike Locksley around, but it is several years away. This Week: vs. Air Force. Our Pick: Air Force 43, New Mexico 10. NOTHING CAN STOP THE U.S AIR FORCE!!!

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