Friday, October 28, 2011

OSG High: Threatening Texts Sent To School By Old Coach Before Brawl...???


The bottom line is that if what George Mathis has found out is true, then what went down in the Warren County ((GA))- Hancock Central ((GA)) brawl that resulted in the caving in of Warren coach David Daniel's face is disgusting...

From Mathis via a letter acquired via open records addressed by school system attorney Mike Dishman to William A. Prior Jr., chief judge of the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit in east Georgia:

Dishman states that Hancock assistant coach Marleau Blount sent several Warren players "vulgar and inappropriate" text messages. Blount resigned as head football coach at Warren County in August, said Warren County superintendent Jean Carey, and was replaced by Daniel.

Hancock County Superintendent Gwendolyn Jefferson Reeves said Blount admitted to her Wednesday that he sent text messages, but she would not disclose what the messages said.

"That is a matter under GBI investigation," said Reeves.

Warren County officials have long requested an investigation by Hancock County authorities in the Daniel assault, and it took the proverbial stomping up-and-down to have the Hancock folks comply. Hancock's Board of Education is looking forward to what they term a "fair" investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Blount's texts include the following alleged exchanges...

...a text message to a Warren County player that read "Better stay yo stupid [expletive] in [Warren County] B4 som1 get really hurt."

And after the fight, Dishman's letter claimed Blount told a Warren County player via an 11:22 p.m. text that he had no idea why the fight occurred: "How th[e] [expletive] I kno[w] about yall bull[expletive]. Yu started this [expletive] last week. Remember yu started this."

The HQ thinks this just warmed up...
More when we know more...

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