Friday, October 21, 2011

Minnesota to Vikings: Take our Metrodome, please

Minnesota Vikings
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Sorry, couldn't resist the punchline in the headline here.

To simplify a somewhat complicated story, the state of Minnesota--or at least two of its legislators are proposing the Vikings take over the Metrodome--lock, stock and barrel.

Essentially the team would gain all concession revenue and revenue from other events besides football among other things.

However, the reason the legislators are proposing this: To keep from dishing out some $650 million or so to complete their part of a deal to build a new stadium in the Minneapolis suburbs.

Read more from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune RIGHT HERE

This is kind of humorous, but the legislators were very serious. The state, city and county don't exactly have the funds to do what the Vikings would like. However, if they don't...they run the risk of the team leaving for greener pastures (ie: Los Angeles).

Obviously, this is far from over. Somehow, we suspect the two sides will work out a deal and eventually a new stadium will be built. But it really sucks for the people of the Twin-Cities, who much like every other city--and state, are struggling to pay the bills for the day-to-day services most everyone, including the non-football fans need.

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