Tuesday, October 18, 2011

UPDATED STORY: SEC to decide on Grantham/UGA vs. Vandy postgame fracas

We first told you about this story Sunday morning.

A post-game melee broke out at the end of the Vanderbilt/Georgia game, a game won by Georgia 33-28. That was overshadowed by a confrontation that took place afterwards.

Depending on your perspective, either some UGA players started taunting Vandy players after the game or they were defending themselves from something else.

One thing led to another and when Vandy coach James Franklin encountered UGA Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham--a shouting match ensued between them.

We showed you the video Sunday.

The incident is being investigated by the SEC, UGA and Vandy. Grantham has apologized--sort of, saying he regrets getting caught up in the "Heat of the Moment" (sounds like an Asia song from the '80's).

UGA head coach Mark Richt says the incident has been dealt with. Franklin is a little less convinced.

We expect the SEC to decide on discipline on Tuesday.

Here's some video from Nashville station WSMV of Richt apologizing on the field to Franklin and essentially saying he "Knew what was going on". Richt can also be heard calling someone, we think Shawn Williams (#36), a dumbass and calling Grantham's reaction "Horseshit".

Due to video player restrictions on Blogger, you'll have to click on the link to the WSMV video and see the exchange RIGHT HERE

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